Understand Your Test Equipment

1 minute read

Where I realize something important about using test equipment!

Big Learning!

The Labrador has a great price given its performance as a piece of test equipment. However, like all test equipment, it is important to understand and use it properly for testing any circuit. If the circuit under test isn’t responding properly, always check the test equipment along with the circuit.

In this case, I expressed a concern below that “At first, I thought I was finding the same issue as what I had with the Forth HAL version. Specific pins were failing the tests. However, what is happening is that the test i.e; HIGH to LOW, would take 10-12 seconds, while LOW to HIGH would take less than a second.”

The Labrador was reacting to the circuit in 10-12 seconds on a HIGH to LOW, as that was how it was setup. Therefore, it took a 10-12 seconds for the Labrador to react to a signal which didn’t match the trigger. Its not a fault of the Labrador, it was a faulty assumption by the Labrador’s user!

The fix was to remove (uncheck Trigger) and the Labrador responded instantly. No issues. My code (Arduino) is fine, now back to checking my Forth code…

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