ESPForth 7.0

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Where I find a much, more evolved version of ESPForth. While investigating a bug I found in ESPForth (now called ESPForth6), I ran across a new version of ESPForth 7.0, which I’ll refer to as ESPForth7.



Each time I used ESPForth6, I would experience a bug with the word “constant”.

So I began to investigate ESPForth. Arduino-Forth who had been using FlashForth has now begin to investigate it. Which led me to the sites above. The good news is that I downloaded the ino file for ESPForth 7.05 and it compiled and loaded the first time.

However, the C++ code is dramatically (or appears so) from what Dr. Ting originally wrote that its back to the beginning as to understanding how ESPForth works with in the Arduino framework. It does appear that the writer is taking a similar approach as to what I’ve been advocating which is Arduino Forth. Using Forth words, make calls to the Arduino Framework. In fact, ESPForth7 is very advanced in this approach.

For the time being, I’m going to back away from ESPForth and work on some other projects.

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