gdb Resources

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All of the resources found related to gdb (particularly, related to the RP2040) and how to use it.

GNU gdb documentation

gdb Tutorials

Cheat Sheets

Tools to enhance gdb

AVR gdb

AVR gdb Notes

  1. Check the version number on avr-gdb as of December 2021, it is 11.1. On Ubuntu, the latest version is 8.1 from 2018 which had quite a few bugs. Attempted to build it manually (which failed), so I spun up a Manjaro (Arch Linux) instance to get the latest. Crazy, I know.
  2. Start avarice in a separate window using, then launch gdb in another window:
    avarice -g -w -d -P atmega328p :3333 	# window 1
    avr-gdb -tui							# window 2
  3. If avarice crashes on startup, cycle power on both the debugger (Dragon) and the target (Uno)

Pico (RP2040) gdb

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