A blog by Lief Koepsel. I’m interested in C, Python, Forth, microcontrollers, and practical electronics. If you wish to contact me, please use welly at this website name.

While many of my topics will cover electrical engineering, I don’t advise reading this content with a critical eye towards electrical engineering theory. This blog rose out of a need for me to review particular topics in electronics and a desire to help others in understanding microcontrollers, software and practical electronics along with inexpensive test equipment.

Why this site

This site is designed to teach at the intersection of microcontrollers, software development and electronics. The audience is anyone who is interested in these topics, that said, the level of education is presumed to be advanced high school to lower level community college or university students. The specific topics are:

  • Microcontrollers such as Arduino, ESP32 and RP2040
  • Software such as C, MicroPython/CircuitPython and Forth
  • Inexpensive test equipment such as the Espotek Labrador

The computing power of today’s microcontrollers and the community support via Raspberry Pi, Arduino or independent websites create an exciting and fertile environment for learning. I hope to add to the discussion in a positive and helpful manner.

How to Use the Site

I use tags to denote the primary subject matter for each entry. Use the Topics page page to provide the specific topics and the size of the tag on that page will indicate the relative amount of content.


As I develop sufficient material as to a particular topic, I’ll create a course for the subject matter. My goal is to provide content such that someone will develop a deeper understanding of the topic.


Comment as you like, to help the community to better understand or to ask a question (asking questions is the single best way to help the community). Any derogatory comments will be deleted.